On Wednesday, 11/23/2016. the Bosnian Institute in Sarajevo promoted the book "Bosnian kingdom in mid-fifteenth century - King Stjepan Tomas" writen by Dr. Midhat Spahic.
The book was presented by Prof. Senaid Hadzic (University of Tuzla) and prof.dr.Salih Jalimam (University of Zenica) and dipl.ing. Dzevad Jogunčić, president of the Bosniak national community for the city of Zagreb and Zagreb County. The Bosniac National Community recognized the importance of author's research effort and with the co-editor of Research Institute "Ibn Sina" from Sarajevo published a book "The Bosnian kingdom in the mid fifteenth century."

The host moderator of the promotion was Nermin Hodzic from the Institute "Ibn Sina".
After an introduction in which the moderator Hodzic pointed the importance of this work, as one of the pioneer in contemporary Bosnian-Herzegovinian historiography that treats the middle of the fifteenth century and turbulent eighteen-year reign of King Stjepan Tomas. The author Dzevad Jogunčić briefly presented the activities of BNZ, stressing that once Adil-beg Zulfikarpasic spoke to him personally about the importance of the study of medieval Bosnian history and that gave him an extra incentive to accept the publication of the book.
Ph.D. Senaid Hadzic in his speech about the book pointed out that the importance of this work, among other things, is reflected in his historiographical merits in primary and second-order sources, methodological consistency which is dedicated to the scientific approach of the author, but at same time a kind of narrative style which will be able to understand by wider audience, who will find in this book very striking and scenic overview of a given historical period, with all its peculiarities.
Ph.D. Salih Jalimamone of the reviewers of the book in his speech, among other things, said:

The book: "The Bosnian kingdom in mid-fifteenth century - King Stjepan Tomas' of the author professor Dr. sc. Midhat Spahić approaches contrastive analysis of political and economic state structure under the reign of King Stjepan Tomas. This dramatic historical picture is complemented by a many details from everyday life and cultural characteristics of time a Tomas eighteen-year rule. Hence this book written by Dr. Spahic is characterized by colorful selection of data from the Dubrovnik archives and synthetic materials and comparisons with current thinking in the literature. Of course it should be noted authorial intervention which is especially manifested in an interesting fabulations, text composition and carefully documented conclusions. So everything that is presented is the result of carefully monitored subjects and the product of scientific research drive in which the arbitration (if any) is being reduced to a minimum. The text of this interesting book is dotted with conflicts and wars. Narrative attention is given to the most important nobles of medieval Bosnia, the rulers and lords, but servants, courtiers who are in a diplomatic mission or to an intermediary. In desperate efforts to preserve the integrity and sovereignty of the state, King Stjepan Tomas finds death in 1461. That there were certain interpretive dilemmas Dr. Spahic demystified. Generally speaking, this is duly justified and critical work that has an unusually rich documentation. It came akribičnim long experience in Dubrovnik archives and the mature comparative confrontation with existing interpretations, and represents a significant contribution to knowledge of the history of medieval Bosnia.

The author, Dr. Midhat Spahic (University of Tuzla) on this occasion thanked everyone who helped make the book sees the light of day, highlighting the publishers and reviewers. He then commented on some elements from the book, highlighting interesting information about Stjepan Tomas as Bosnian king who finally succeeded in the composition of its kingdom included Srebrenica, at the time the significant mineral resources.