1On Thursday, 15 December 2016, the Center for Iranian Studies of the Research Institute "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo organized first official program at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. It was promotion of the book "Multilingualism in Masnavi by Jalaluddin Rumi" by dr. Munir Drkic, professor of Persian language at the University of Sarajevo..

Dean of Faculty of Philosophy prof. dr. Salih Foco started with speaking about the importance of such scientific and dynamic endeavor of the Department of Oriental Philosophy. Dr. Dženita Haverić, professor of Persian language and literature presented the contents of the book and pointed out that this important linguistic topics is addressed through a classic persian literature for the first time. The author not analyze multilingualism in relation to the content but also the Rumi himself as a competent expert on the phenomenon of multilingualism and compared his views the with one of the most famous Italian poet of the Middle Ages - Dante. Dr. Drkić showed that Rumi about two centuries before Dante treated the phenomenon of multilingualism and that Dante in Europe is considered as a beginner of multilingualism, which is a result of lack of knowledge of Mevlana's works, from European and Western researchers, said Dr. Dženita Haverić. Dr. Ahmed Zildžić played the role of moderator mentioned promotion pointed to several aspects of the presence of Masnavi in the cultural history of Bosnia and the Balkans: spiritual, narrative, and research." The book is showing scientific presence of Masnavi among the Muslims of Bosnia and the Balkans", said Dr. Zildžić. Professor. dr. Namir Karahalilović talked about various aspects of Masnavi presence in the Balkans, tradition and modern approaches and how its spread in some dervish circles. In the end, the author himself, dr. Munir Drkić talked about scientific motives that prompted him to select this topic, and specific aspect he discovered, and results he obtained during this research. Dr. Drkić, too, commented his translation work since he translated so far "Fihi ma fihi", "Seven sermons" and a selection of verses "Island of Masnavi". We hope that he will soon move into a comprehensive project of translation Rumi's most famous works, "Masnavi". The book "Multilingualism in Masnavi by Jalaluddin Rumi" is the PhD thesis of Munir Drkic mentored by prof. dr. Namir Karahalilović at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. The book have been published together with Faculty of Philosophy and Research Institute "Ibn Sina" Sarajevo. Large number of professors and students from other departments of Faculty of Philosophy attended this event. This kind of scientific meetings open up the possibility for an exchange of opinions between teachers and students and on the other hand show that the Institute "Ibn Sina" and the Center for Iranian Studies pay attention to scientific developments of Bosnian Iranology..