1On Friday, 18/12/2015  Association of Bosniaks of Vojvodina organized promotion of the book "From monologue to dialogue on Bosniaks destiny" , which author is Professor Emeritus Dr. Esad CIMIC ".
Editors. Co-publishers of this book are Bosniac National Union for the City of Zagreb, City Zagreb and Research Institute "Ibn Sina" Sarajevo.

Mr. Teufik Isaković  president of the Association of Bosniaks of Vojvodina,  welcomed the participants and introducing promotions. Mr. Dzevad Jogunčić, President Bosniac National Union for the City of Zagreb ,welcomed the participants and announced dr. Rouhollah Ghaderi Kangavari, director of the Institute "Ibn Sina".
Dr. Rouhollah Ghaderi Kangavar began with verses Sadi Shirazi:

Adam’s sons are body limbs, to say;
For they’re created of the same clay.
Should one organ be troubled by pain,
Others would suffer severe strain.
Thou, careless of people’s suffering,
Deserve not the name, “human being”

Dr. Ghaderi then presented Scientific Research Institute "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo, its current activities and plans for future work, pointing out that the Institute is open for cooperation with the institutions of science and culture, as well as individuals from this area. Speaking of the publishing project of the Institute, Ghaderi particularly pointed translation of the Divan of Hafiz Shirazi into Bosnian, and announced Belgrade edition of the masterpieces of classical Persian poetry. In the second part of his presentation, Dr. Ghaderi referred to the book Professor CIMIC and said that perhaps one of the messages of this book is a reminder and a warning to equal the harm ideology that expels religion from human life, as well as those who want to impose a rigid and violent religion and religiosity. Therefore, said Dr. Ghaderi, and this title has a strong voice - call for dialogue and discussion, as opposed to monologue and imposition of ideas, attitudes and beliefs by force.

Dzevad Jogunčić spoke of Esad Ćimić biography, noting some of the most important details from the biography of the pioneers of the sociology of religion in former Yugoslavia. He mentioned some of the titles of his books: A socialist society and religion, Drama atheism, Man at a crossroads, Politic as fate, Sacred and secular, Temptations community and others. Jogunčić particularly stressed Mr. Cimic exile from the homeland, and his journey from Sarajevo University to the University of Zadar and the University of Belgrade and the University of Zagreb. At the end of his presentation, Mr. Jogunčić said Professor Ćimić is in this book show that was never a slave to any ideology and it is therefore the big win, because his critical intellect put at the service of man and his dignity.


Proffesor Mehmedalija Hadzic expressed great respect for Professor Ćimić, saying that knowledge in the sight of traditional learning is a great God's grace, a professor Esad Ćimić confirmed it with his life. He is one of the greatest living sociologist of religion, in the former state, and beyond. All the great people in history, said Hadzic, were tested greatly. All that is human knowledge bigger, larger are its temptations. In this regard, Professor Hadzic recalled the fate of the great Muslim thinker El Ghazali. Professor Hadzic said that honesty is one of the greatest qualities of Professor Ćimić and that is the greatest human virtues. Hadzic said that his reading Ćimić's articles and books helped o better understand the Qur'an's message, emphasizing the distinction made between Professor Ćimić true faith, religion and religious communities, as well as adding to the religious community as an institution from the viewpoint of Islam is questionable. Because there is nobody has a right to impose their own interpretation as the official and only true. This is particularly important for this region, and our mutual understanding, because the religious community here bear a greater or lesser extent, a great responsibility for what is happening in this region. In fact, faith can not be the subject of abuse, but religion as religion down in history, and in particular religious community, can certainly be subject to abuse. Professor Hadzic recalled how he once Ćimić books Drama atheism met with elation local youth. Another important  thesis is that they have believers who are not religious, but religious people who are not believers. Professor Hadzic was finally pointed out that the man be above categories they be faithful.
After promotions, g. Dzevad Jogunčić read a passage from the book "From monologue to dialogue about the Bosniak destiny" in which the author portrays the "sayers".
As the last speaker on this promotion, participants were addressed by the author of professor emeritus mr. Esad Ćimić. In his short speech he said that people who do not sympathize with his way of thinking did not dare to condemn the book writing, but verbally. I think it is great truth in the knowledge - that to me constantly raises, said Ćimić - that the human mind is unlimited in wisdom and stupidity. Religion is the most profound anthropological fact in man kind. She wrestles with itself, but also provides specific solutions, said Ćimić and continued: I always sympathize with the people who had never believed, because they had no need for any meaning in life. Religion is, in essence, the first question of our childhood and the last issue of our age. By association with religion, it contains support, but also a challenge. At the end of his sayings, professor Ćimić quoted poem of Mak Dizdar "Death":

The earth is sown with deathly seed
But Death is not end
For death indeed
Is not and has no end
For death is just path
To rise from the nest to the skies with the blest

After hearing the presentation, attendees were briefly addressed by the host, Vice President Bunjevačke Center, Mr.Marko Marjanušić, who expressed his satisfaction with the promotion.

Promotion lasted for more than 2 hours, but audience still didn't left the hall, which indicates the success of the promotion, but also the ever-present desire for beautiful words, conversation and dialogue.