On Saturday, Oct 21, 2017. a panel discussion titled "European Muslims between Islamophobia and Extremism" was held at the Terme Hotel- The panel was jointly organized by the Association Fatma and the Science Research Institute "Ibn Sina" Sarajevo. The panel was attended by about 400 SDA party activists and other organizations and institutions that were initially addressed by dr. Kenela Zuko, the President of the Fatma Association and member of the parliamentary group Of Federation of BiH. Dr. Kenela Zuko thanked the party activists and she also thanked the Ibn Sina Institute for supporting the organization of the forum, and then added.


"Islamophobia and extremism are the two blades of one scissors that pose a great challenge for Muslims, in general, and especially in Bosnia citizens living in specific conditions. Bosniaks are between hammer and anvil." Hammer is precisely Islamophobia and anvil is terrorism and extremism . And we should strive to keep moderation in all circumstances and not allow the monsters of Islamophobia and extremism to damage our goals. " Dr. Zuko later referred to the preservation of the family by emphasizing the traditional education, and the need to pursue ethical and religious principles away from any form of extremism and exaggeration.
Asim Sarajlic, SDA party vice-president, who in a short presentation assessed the extremely valuable work of the Fatma Association, addressed the participants, saying that the difference between female activists in the SDA and other members is that they act with honesty without the desire for any self-promotion or position and that this is the reason for their successful action.
Mr. Bakir Izetbegović, a member of the BiH Presidency in his presentation, said, among other things, that the elements of Islamic culture are an inseparable segment of the elements that build European culture and civilization. "Can anyone deduct the scientific results of Muslim thinkers from Western science and civilization," Izetbegovic said. "Just mentioning Ibn Sina, Razya, Biruni ... In this context, extreme Muslims like DAISH play an enemy role in Islam. DAISH aims only to confront Muslims with the rest of the world, and they do it aided the propaganda that, in fact, anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim, despite their being a minority in the Islamic world, and we, as a majority, need to give a categorical and clear response to the threats and pretensions of the enemy, "said Bakir Izetbegovic.
In the following, he said that about 30 million Muslims in Europe are not a negligible number, and that Muslims should strive to solve their internal problems and be unique, because others will respect us. "We need to find a formula for coexistence with Christians and other European nations because Europe is not only Christian. If you return to European history and culture and you are proud of it, you will notice that without the Muslims and their presence on this continent there would not be what is today which is what Europeans today call their identity, the infrastructure of this is, in fact, related to the Muslim culture and identity. Mathematics, astronomy, ecology, philosophy, music are just some of the categories that Muslims gave to Europe: Muslims are not newcomers to Europe are the owners of European culture Islamophobia is only one segment of xenophobia that promotes unchallenged hatred and fanatism.This erroneous and radicalized thinking, even today, Jesus would not be able to come to Europe because he would remind his exterior of someone coming from the Arab world, and not to Mary allowed to study at Sorbonne because of a hijab she would wear ", the same like Mr. Izetbegovic.
In the end, prof. dr. Fahira Fejzić-Čengić, who among other things said: "Bosniaks are European people who have not come from anywhere and who participate in European culture and civilization. The history of Bosnians from the Middle Ages shows so far that these Muslims never accepted extremism and that in their spirit neither culture there has never been room for extreme approaches. We need to preserve our traditional religious identity and women have a huge responsibility.