pozivnica Sirijska lekcija

Inspired by the latest developments regarding the seven-year crisis and the war in Syria, on Wednesday, we will hold a discussion on the subject "Syrian lesson" as part of its regular forum. The previous balance of the Syrian war is more than disturbing: hundreds of thousands of dead, expelled, more than a million wounded .... What have we learned from a large and expensive Syrian lesson?

How did this conflict come about? What are the roots of Middle East turmoil? How are Middle Eastern crises spreading to the Balkans and Europe? Can the war bring a solution? Are we, in fact, in a transitional period leading to a new world order? What will it be? ... For this and many other questions, we will ask the participants to talk about the conversation, and they are: Hajrudin Somun and Zlatko Dizdarevic, the doctors of our journalism and diplomacy and the multiethnic direct witnesses of Middle East events; and Saeid Abedpour historian and researcher. The interview will be moderated by Nermin Hodzic.
The tribune on the subject "Syrian lesson" will be held on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, starting at 6 pm, at the premises of the Scientific Research Institute "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo, ul. Potok 24.