O sufizmu Saeid AScientific Research Institute "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo published a book by mr. Saeed Abedpour "About Sufism - Bosnian tesavvuf -". This collection of texts divided into three parts on 320 pages translated from Persian to Bosnian by dr. Mubina Moker, Muamer Kodrić and Nermin Hodžić.

The first section contains five texts: Bosnian Tesavvuf, Hafiz Halid ef. Hadžimulić, Sheikh Zakir Bektić and the Tradition of Mesnevians in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This section deals with the most important features of the modern Bosnian Tesawwuf, as well as the place and role of Sufi Tarikat in the history and culture of this country, as well as the relations of the Tavaavouf and the Islamic Community institutions and the activities of individual tariffs. Particularly featured are the characters of hafiz Halid ef. Hadžimulić, Šejh Zakir Bektić and Senad Mićijević. The importance of the tradition of fur in this region as well as the intellectual links with the spiritual heritage of Persian literature is also discussed.
In the second section, the author analyzes the ideas of the three great giants of Islamic philosophy and mysticism: Hafiz, Halladzha and Gazali, in an effort to inspect the recent research, emphasize the mystical dimension of Hafiz's poetry and Hallag's science as the Sufi character of Gazali's philosophical thinking.
The texts from the cluttered section treat Mevlana Dzhelaudin Rumi's views on man in general, wife, silence, Ibrahim's sacrifice of Ismail, ethics, and the relationship between Mevlana and Shem, and then on the reality of existence. In this section we find texts on the paradox of traditionalism, the relation of belief and reason, and the ethics and crises of ecology.