photo 2018 12 08 15 09 48Director of the Ibn Sina Institute in Sarajevo dr. Kazem Zoghi Barani, accompanied by a professional associate and translator Nermin Hodzic, visited the Mufti  dr. Aziz ef. Hasanović on Saturday on. At the library of the Islamic Center Zagreb, they talked about a joint collaboration that they assessed as extremely good, and the possibilities for further development were also  considered.

Special emphasis was put on the joint realization of the International Scientific Symposium and this great publishing enterprise - the Islamic Encyclopedia Almanah in which Islam and Muslims in Croatia were presented. Mufti dr. Aziz ef. Hasanovic thanked for the visit and expressed his wish for success in the activities carried out by the Ibn Sina Institute Sarajevo. Kazem Zoghi Barani expressed his gratitude to the host and said: We are proud of the cooperation with the Muslim Community of the Islamic Community in Croatia and the respected Mufti, and we expect that this cooperation in coming period it will be fruitful and useful.