1His Excellency Mahmoud Heidari, Ambassador of IR Iran to BiH, visited the Winter Book Lounge, which is held for the 14th time at the Collegium Artisticum Gallery in Sarajevo.

Ambassador Heidari expressed his satisfaction with the participation of the Institute "Ibn Sina" at this year's Winter Book Loung and said that the presentation of works by Iranian authors at book fairs contributes to the rapprochement and strengthening of cultural relations between Iran and BiH.
Director of the Scientific Research Institute "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo, dr. Kazem Zoghi Barani introduced to Ambassador Heidary with the publishing offer of the Institute and pointed out that one of the latest editions, the book titled "Islam in the Cultural Identity of Europe" from academician Reshid Hafizovic, found an exceptionally good reception in the reading population.
Dr. Zoghi Barani said that the gathering of visitors with authors and book translators contributed to the greater attendance of the Institute of "Ibn Sina" Institute at the Winter Book Louge.
The Director of the Institute in conversation with Ambassador IR Iran in BiH also referred to several new publishing projects of the Institute "Ibn Sina", among which are: "A treasure of Mevlevian Wisdom" by Elvir Music, ( in which introduction is written by Ambassador of IR Iran in BiH), "Short Review of the History of Persian Literature ", by Mohammad Ja'far Yahaqqi in the translation of Ahmed Zildžić and Munir Drkic," Contemporary Political-Geographic Characteristics of Bosnia and Herzegovina "by Izet Bijedić, and" About Suffism (Bosanski Tesavvuf) "by Saeed Abedpour.
Publishers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro will present their latest editions in the field of science, literature, culture, history and education at the 14th Winter Book Louge in Sarajevo from December 13-24.