photo 2019 02 01 13 47 44On Friday, February 1, 2019, marking the fortieth anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran began. On behalf of the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mahmood Heidari paid tribute to Hajrudin Somun, who as Tanjug correspondent reported in 1979 about the revolution in Iran.

Mr. Heidari at a gathering at the Embassy of Iran in Sarajevo said: "Pen is the holiness which Dear God swears with in His Holy Book." The holiness of the pen is manifested even when it is dedicated to raising level of awareness in people. Mr Hajrudin Somun, forty years ago, informed the people of the former Yugoslavia of the onset of revolution in Iran.

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic said: "The Islamic Revolution in Iran in the past forty years had its support in the Iranian people, and with the strength of it managed to defend its legitimate rights and resist the forces of world arrogance. The Islamic Republic of Iran was all along this time with the corded and suppressed orders of the world, which was reflected in humanitarian aid and support to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the most difficult conditions of war. Now that we begin with marking the fortieth anniversary of the Revolution, I want to acknowledge and thank the respected Mr. Somun, who, forty years ago, was relentlessly reporting to the people of the Balkans about the developments and changes in my country. And not only that, we owe Mr Somun to the role that he has had in all these years in strengthening relations and relations between the two countries.

Hajrudin Somun, a doyen of Bosnian journalism and diplomacy, said on this occasion: At that time, in February 1979, I was the only reporter from Tehran from these territories and in his capacity as correspondent of Tanjug witnessed the arrival of Imam Homini and the victory of the Revolution. I was directly accompanied by dozens of journalists from other countries and his famous speech in Behesti-Zehra. I was under a lot of pressure, since I worked completely alone, while other correspondence had fifteen people at their disposal. It is my pleasure to recall today these days and to welcome the fortieth anniversary of the Revolution, and in those days my colleagues from other agencies were convinced that the Revolution would not survive. Except as a journalist, I was very pleased to be in Iran as a Yugoslav diplomat in Tehran. It was at the end of the eighties of the last century.
Gosopodin Somun continued, thanking the ambassador for his outstanding acknowledgment, to emphasize his co-operation with the Institute of Science and Research "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo, and said that his book "Travelogue from Iran" will soon be published with the support of this Institute.
The ceremony at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sarajevo was attended by the Director of the Scientific Research Institute "Ibn Sina" with his associates, the director of the Cultural Center of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sarajevo, as well as other Embassy officials.
His Excellency, Ambassador Heidari handed a plaque and a gift to Mr. Somun, and after that, all present laid flowers and paid tribute to the Iranian citizens who died during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.