۱On Monday, April 15, 2019, starting at 14:00 in the Great Hall of the Gazi Husrev-bey's Library in Sarajevo, the book by academician Rešid Hafizovic "Islam in the Cultural Identity of Europe" was promoted. The hosts of the promotion were the publishers of this work Science Research Institute "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo and Gazi Husrev-bey's library.

At the beginning, the director of the Institute, Dr. Kazem Zoghi Barani, underlining that the Institute has the honor that the author showed his trust and provided this valuable manuscript. Dr. Barani recalled the topic by which academician Hafizovic deals with this book: Europe in the process of transforming and (re) defining its own cultural identity will certainly not be able to ignore Islam and Muslims, both indigenous in their own space and the Islamic world in general.
Moderator Nermin Hodžić emphasized the absence of critical readings in Bosnian society, adding: This book certainly offers an incentive and kind of provocation for more careful reading and presentation, even for critical reviews. Unfortunately, it's hard to believe that this will happen soon.
One of the promoters of the book, Ismet Bušatlić, pointed out that the book brings answers to numerous questions raised in the relationship between the Islamic world and Europe, and the author answers these important questions.

- There were more votes on this topic, and this is the first and foremost of this kind, and this is the highest value of this reading, said Bušatlic, adding: The book through its seven chapters raises seven important issues for the East's relationship and the West in the broadest sense. The author evokes possible different answers, and her work is based on dozens of extremely relevant authors, mostly non-Muslim provenances. Introduction to the book is the text about Religion of Love and it represents its headstone and a template for the possible reading of Islam and Islamic messages for Europe and the world today.
Doc.dr. Asim Zubčević spoke about the complexity and multi-layeredness of this topic, and in general issues of identity as well as the relationship between Islam and the West through the centuries, even today.
Author Hafizovic says that Islam today is focusing on different bases in beautiful and ugly, but believes that ugly things should not be addressed to Islam because it is a tradition whose all fundamental, crown, core, religious, cultural and civilization codes belong to the top of the world's enlightenment.
- The trademark of this religious tradition is what is light, pen, ink, and book as an emblem. Everything wrong for why Islam is called in the media, political and geopolitical space is not in context with that religion - the author says.

He assessed that Islam plays a major role in creating a European identity, but that Europe, says Hafizovic, does not know or will not know, and unfortunately also Muslims who have forgotten their cultural identity and it would be good if Muslims, before all, would return their own memory about own identity.

Therefore, Muslims should first of all educate themselves and learn alphabetically the fundamental values ​​of Islam, Hafizovic said.
According to official data, 1.5 billion Muslims live in the world, but as it is highlighted today, they are invisible and rarely can be seen as citizens of the world because they do not emulate the crown values ​​that Muslims once used to be known as cosmopolitan civilization.