1U On Wednesday, May 29, 2019. A panel discussion on the topic "New Palestine?" was held in Sarajevo at the premises of the Science and Research Institute "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo at 18:00.

Participants, nj.e. Rezeq Namoora - Ambassador of the State of Palestine in BiH, ie. Mahmood Heidari - Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to BiH and Zlatko Dizdarević, BH. a journalist and diplomat, spoke about the various aspects of the Palestinian issue, with an emphasis on the latest US administration's plan on the so-called " New Palestine.

At the beginning, the director of the Institute, dr. Kazem Zoghi Barani, who emphasized the importance of the Palestinian question and analysis of the latest plan for its solution. Barani recalled that Dan Kudsa is an opportunity to unite Muslims and not only Muslims, but all freedom-lovers in the world, about justice and freedom.
Nj.e. Rezeq Namoora, the ambassador of the State of Palestine in Bosnia and Herzegovina, questioned in his presentation only the name of New Palestine, pointing out that this kind of litigation is unacceptable and that there is only one Palestine, the country of the Palestinian people. And this nation is not ready to trade with its identity, its rights and justice for some kind of economic aid. In his latest plans for Palestine, he recognizes his own endeavors to bring down the palletical issue economically and to compensate for the possible concessions of the Palestinian people and leadership, concessions that are absolutely unacceptable. Who is Trump to determine who is the Quds (Jerusalem)? We do not allow this. Our people will continue their determined struggle.
Nj.e. Mahmoud Heidari, the Iranian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, reminded the audience that since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, over forty years ago, the Palestinian question occupied and occupies an important place in the Iranian foreign policy agenda: And at the very beginning of the Revolution one of the slogans shouting revolutionary Masses on the streets of Iran's cities were "Iran today, tomorrow Quds". Ambassador Heidari reminded that it has now become clear to everyone that the peace process and exhausting and fruitless negotiations have no effect. One of the reasons is the non-respect of international agreements and agreements by Ameirka and Israel. And how many Americans respect their international obligations and contracts signed by the best testify to the fate of the nuclear agreement between Iran and the group 5 + 1. Last year, the US administration unilaterally abandoned this multilateral agreement.
Zlatko Dizdarević, a doyen of Bosnian journalism and diplomacy and a great connoisseur and living witness of a turbulent Middle East event, in his exhaustive analysis briefly recalled the history of "resolving the Palestinian question" through a peace process that has been going on for decades, but without any results. Turning to the latest plan, Dizdarevic said: I think that this is an attempt to eliminate the Palestinian question as it has been and has been planned since the beginning of the 47th and 48th years.
"From the beginning, it was primarily Israeli, and then the US plan, depending on who was the president, that he never actually made Palestine and never agreed to Palestine as an independent state with East Jerusalem as the capital city, with the ban on the construction of settlements in the occupied territories, with the return of refugees ... These are the four issues that have always been in the negotiations, "Dizdarevic said.
He emphasized that this was not a peace process, but an attempt to definitively eliminate the Palestinian question as perceived by the international community for 70 years in order to end with the two states of which one is Palestine and one is Israel.
"This is an attempt to close the Palestinian question for all time, and" New Palestine "is just for me because it is to say that old Palestinians do not actually have," Dizdarevic concluded.