1The book "Islam in the Cultural Identity of Europe" by prof. dr. Resid Hafizovic was presented in Tuzla on June 20, 2019 in the Blue Room of BKC Tuzla.
About scientific and intellectual undertaking framed in the  book by academician Reshid Hafizovic spoke prof. dr. Amir Karic, doc. dr. Rusmir Šadić, doc. dr. Orhan Jašić, as well as author prof. dr. Rešid Hafizović

The organizers of the promotion were the Medzlis of the Islamic Community of Tuzla, the Institute for Social and Religious Research and the Scientific Research Institute "Ibn Sina".
In their presentations on the book, promoters presented some of the chapters of the book, highlighting their own views of the intentions of the chapters that they presented.
The promotion was started by prof. dr. Amir Karic, who pointed out that the book elaborates a much wider range of questions than the one that is expected from the title, adding that at the same time they are all in close interaction with the main topic of this book, the relationship of Islam and European identity. Prof. Karic in his presentation, referred to the chapter on European identity and the participation of the Muslim mind in the emergence of modern Europe.
Doc. dr. Orhan Jasic spoke about the religious aspect of the book, whose coordinates set theology. As one of the more important terms that accentuates, there are dialogues, or polemics within their own religion at the level of the microcosmic and macrocosmic level. The necessity of developing interreligious dialogue with others was emphasized in order to develop a kind of "universe - everything that is in peace within the shell of chest".
Focus of exposure, said doc. dr. Rusmir Šadić was a culture and orientalism, and questions to what extent the religion of Islam and Muslims took part in the emergence of the cultural identity of Europe. Šadić also referred to the fundamenal differences between the East and the West, explaining that the theory of  Author of the book Prof. Hafizovic highlighted today's events with the remark that there is a cessation of the intellectual engagement of Muslims by referring to the fundamental springs, the Qur'an Text and the Prophet's Tradition, which were former Muslims on the soil of Andalusia, "The Earth for which the Prophet cried" brought "on the roof itself the world, "when they were able to regulate the reality around themselves, by their own rules, by the principle of faith in a single God.
Academician Hafizović underlined that Islam is a public culture in which Muslims, as crown creatures, should be visible and, by their attitude, should imitate those values ​​that are calm in their Muslim identity.
Moderator of the promotion was Nermin Hodzic.