1Presentation of the latest Ibn Sina Research Institute’s publication ”Islam in the Cultural Identity of Europe” by Academician Dr. Rešad Hafizović was be held in  the “Ibn Sina” Research Institute (Potok St, 24, Sarajevo) on Wednesday, 3 October 2018,

In addition to author, the book was be presented by: Prof. Dr. Kerima Filan, Vildana Selimbegović, Assist. Dr. Orhan Jašić  and Mr. Sc. Saeid Abedpour

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1On Friday, 28.9.2018. a one-day conference on "The Role of Women's Activism in Popularizing Science" was held in Sarajevo. The conference was financially assisted by the Federal Ministry of Science and Education.
The conference was attended by political and activists from the non-governmental sector, representatives of the federal parliament and cantonal assemblies.

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el.pozivnica promocija

Presentation of the latest Ibn Sina Research Institute’s publication ”Islam in the Cultural Identity of Europe” by Academician Dr. Rešad Hafizović will be held the “Ibn Sina” Research Institute (Potok St, 24, Sarajevo) on Wednesday, 3 October 2018, starting at 18:00.

In addition to author, the book will be presented by:

•    Prof. Dr. Kerima Filan,
•    Vildana Selimbegović,
•    Assist. Dr. Orhan Jašić 
•    Mr. Sc. Saeid Abedpour

Moderator: Nermin Hodžić.

This presentation is realized within the monthly Ibn Sina program.

Riznica mevlevijske mudrostiThe research institute "Ibn Sina" Sarajevo has published a book titled "Treasury of Mawlaya Wisdom" by Dr. Elvir Musić. The distinguished Bosnian researcher Dr. Musić in his book gave a presentation of the biography and works Beha Weled, Shams Tibrizi, Burhanuddin Tirmizi, Mewlānā Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhiand and  other famous gnostics. The book represents a praiseworthy source of acquaintance with the gnostic doctrine of these famous gnostics.

znakovi vremena 79The new, 79th issue of the magazine for philosophy, religion, science and social practice "Signs of Time" came out of the press. The first section of this issue is dedicated to academician Avdo Suceska, one of the most important researcher of Ottoman period of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the twentieth century. This number includes a number of interesting works from various fields. We bring some of the topics: The Fundamentals of Natural Law in the Mut'tazilah, the Rule of Law between the Two Worlds, the European Union Media Legislation, the Review of Extraordinary Means of Appealing Criminal Judgments in IR Iran, the State Border of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Republic Serbia, and others.

1On Wednesday, June 6, 2018, starting at 19:00 in the premises of the Science Institute "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo, on the occasion of the forthcoming World AlQuds Day, a panel discussion on the topic "AlQuds-  symbol of resistance" was held. The speaker was the Ambassador of Palestine in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ie. Rezeq Namoora.

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02 Pozivnica Kuds 1On June 6, at the Institute "Ibn Sina", starting at 19:00, forum on topic AlQuds - symbol of resistance will be held. The panel is organized on the occasion of the forthcoming Day of Kuds.
The participants will be addressed by His Excellency Rezeq Namoora, the Ambassador of Palestine to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The entrance to the panel is free.

pozivnica Sirijska lekcija

Inspired by the latest developments regarding the seven-year crisis and the war in Syria, on Wednesday, we will hold a discussion on the subject "Syrian lesson" as part of its regular forum. The previous balance of the Syrian war is more than disturbing: hundreds of thousands of dead, expelled, more than a million wounded .... What have we learned from a large and expensive Syrian lesson?

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sastanak u Rektoratu

Dr. Kazem Zoghi Barani, the newly-elected director of the “Ibn Sina” Research Institute during his first official visit to the University of Sarajevo met with University of Sarajevo Rector,  Prof. Dr. Rifat Škrijelj. At the meeting, the successful scientific and cultural cooperation between the “Ibn SIna” Institute and University of Sarajevo were discussed, as well as forms of its improvement.

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sajam 2018 naslovnaScientific Research Institute "Ibn Sina" participates at this year's 30th International Book Fair and Learned in Sarajevo, which is held from April 18 to 23, 2018 in Skenderija. The latest edition of the Institute is the book "Islam in the Cultural Identity of Europe" by the author prof. dr. Rešid Hafizović.
Ibn Sina Institute has enabled readers to afford some of our releases at very reasonable prices.

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